Fit & Glamorous: First Post!

The world of fitness has been transforming steadily over the last few years, and with it, I’ve changed, I’ve grown and I’ve wondered what my place in that world is, and if I have one – or want one! – at all.

And the answer is, I do want one, I do! I really, really do. The pursuit of health, fitness and happiness has been a great passion of mine in life and I’m not ready to give up my place yet. And yes, those three things always have and always will be innately intertwined for me. I care a lot, I have a lot to offer and frankly, I think fitness needs people like me. We need people that operate outside the current paradigm of obnoxious self-promotion, half-naked selfies, pseudo-science, outright quackery, smoke, mirrors and bullshit.

So that’s the platform that I want this to be for me, but more than just fitness or lifting, two things I love passionately, I want this blog to be about living a good life. Living THE good life. Living YOUR best life!

For me, that means enjoying food, seeing the world, trying new things, positive thinking, uplifting philosophies and continuous, relentless self-improvement, inside and OUT!

Very excited to get this show on the road! Adios for now, friends.

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